Taking a measurement with QardioTemp

After completing the set up with QardioTemp, you are ready to start tracking your temperature whenever you want.


For measurements to transfer from the QardioTemp to your Qardio App, make sure the App is open on the Dashboard screen.


1. Press and release the On button to turn QardioTemp on.

2. Hold the probe perpendicular to your forehead:


3. Press the scan button.


Once your reading is taken you should hear a beep from the device.


Turn off the thermometer by pressing On / Memory button twice. Or leave the device for 3 minutes after a temperature measurement, the thermometer will automatically turn off


Some things to consider when taking your temperature readings:

- Make sure your forehead is clean prior to taking your reading.

- If the probe is placed at an angle (instead of perpendicular to your forehead), the reading may be affected by surrounding temperature.

- Perform the scan while keeping the device approximately 1 inch, or 3cm from your forehead.

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