What is Qardio+

Qardio is introducing Qardio+, a comprehensive health monitoring system taking home health monitoring to the next level.

Qardio+ is a paid subscription that offers the following features:

In depth reporting:

A monthly detailed report provides month-over-month insight into your health. Your report will be automatically generated and can be automatically shared with your physician.

Medication monitoring and tracking:

Add medication details including specific measurements, when/how to take medications, and more.

Manage daily activities:

Track how environmental effects such as weather and air pollution affect your health.

Device replacement:

On top of our standard warranty, you can receive a device replacement in case of accidental damage to your device, read our T&C's for more details: T&C’s apply.

Free QardioArm Case for new subscribers:

If you’re a new annual subscriber to Qardio+, you will receive a free QardioArm Case. The case is stylish and offers protection to your device. T&C's apply.


Qardio Qardio+

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