QardioBase X special modes

You select the mode of measurement upon configuration. You can change the mode at any time by going into the Settings section of the Qardio App and scroll down to QardioBase, select “Mode setup.”


QardioBase offers the following special modes:


Normal Mode


Normal Mode will perform body weight measurement and body composition analysis. A few metrics will be displayed on the scale’s display, the rest of the metrics will be available in the App.


If you have shoes or socks on, QardioBase will only display your weight. The Qardio App will show detailed body composition data, including all 12 body composition metrics.


Pregnant women should use QardioBase in “Pregnancy Mode” or “Weight Only Mode”, and people fitted with an implantable medical device must only use QardioBase in “Weight Only Mode”, which disables the body composition analysis. Do not use this product before first activating the “Weight Only Mode”, if you have implanted electronic medical devices such as pacemakers or defibrillators. Please refer to the instructions of the manufacturer of your implanted medical device for further information.

Weight Only Mode


“Weight Only Mode” will perform a body weight measurement without body composition analysis, and also provide you with your BMI measurement. If you have an implantable device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator, "Weight Only Mode" must be enabled before you use QardioBase. 



Athlete Mode


Athlete mode provides all the benefits from normal mode, but calculates the body composition differently. Athletic users have a body composition that requires different formulas to calculate body composition compared to the average person. 



Pregnancy Mode


QardioBase can be used to measure your weight progress during this special time, and beyond. In "Pregnancy Mode" QardioBase performs a body weight measurement without body composition analysis. The Qardio App tracks your weight change during pregnancy, and after your baby's birth helps you track your progress towards your original weight.

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