What does QardioBase X measure?

The term “body composition” is used to describe the percentage of body fat, muscle, water and bone in human bodies. It is a key metric for overall health and wellness and provides a more accurate assessment than weight alone.


QardioBase X measures:

  • Body fat %
  • Bone % 
  • Water %
  • Metabolic Age
  • BMR (Basal metabolic rate)
  • Subcutaneous Fat %
  • Visceral Fat %
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Protein %
  • Fat-free Body Weight


Body fat % is the measure of fat in your body. Knowing your body composition helps assess health risks related to weight such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.


QardioBase X measures body mass using bioimpedance analysis (BIA). A small and safe signal 

by the indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes on the top of the scale and is analyzed to determine the impedance of the body. Body composition is then calculated based on the electrical impedance, weight and user profile data.


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