QardioBase X Not Providing Body Composition

Note that not all body composition values will display on QardioBase X’s display. A full overview of the body composition values will be available in the Qardio App. Head over to the Dashboard, tap “Weight”, then tap on the relevant reading to see a full overview ot body composition values.


If QardioBase X does not display body composition values in the Qardio App, or on the scales’ display, it is likely that one of the following situations apply:


You are stepping off the scale too soon.


After you step on the scale to take your reading, your weight will display first. Only after your weight is displayed, QardioBase X will start taking your body composition reading. 


Make sure to stay on the scale until the display shows your fat %. Only after your fat % is displayed, step off. A full overview of body composition values will be available in the Qardio App.


The scale does not recognize the user.


QardioBase X recognizes users based on the recorded weight. If a weight reading is not close to previous weights of the user, or two users are close in weight, the scale may not assign the reading to an individual user.


In this situation the reading can be claimed.  


If all users are on Normal mode, the reading will include body composition after it is claimed. If any users connected to the scale is on Weight only mode, or pregnancy mode, no body composition will be provided after claiming. Even if the claiming user is on Normal mode.


The reading was not taken correctly.


The following errors while taking a measurement may result in no body composition being displayed:


  • Any reading taken with shoes or socks on.
  • Any reading taken when the scale or feet aren’t completely dry
  • Any reading taken with your legs touching
  • Any reading taken while not placing the feet correctly on the scale surface.


For tips on taking correct body composition reading, please refer to the following article.

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