Weight Measurements Not Appearing in Qardio App

If your weight readings are not displaying in your history list, it is likely due to one of the situations below:


The reading was assigned to another user of the scale, or was considered a guest reading.

Cause: This may happen if the weight of your reading is significantly different compared to your last reading. Alternatively this may occur if you and another user of the scale are close in weight. In these cases QardioBase X may not be able to determine who is taking the reading

Resolution: You can always claim a reading taken in the last 24 hours via the Qardio App:

1.     From the dashboard, tap on “Weight”

2.     Tap on the flag icon in the right upper corner, this will open the “Claim” section of the App.

3.     Swipe left on a measurement and tap claim. The measurement will now move to your personal history.

If you and another user are close in weight, this may happen more frequently. In this scenario, you can open the Dashboard screen of the App and ensure your Bluetooth is enabled. The App will assist QardioBase X in assigning the measurement to the right person.


The reading was not assigned to anyone after it was taken.


Cause: This may happen when QardioBase X is not connected to WiFi, out of range of WiFi, or QardioBase X is not set-up properly.


Resolution: Reset your QardioBase X from the Settings menu of the Qardio App. During set up, ensure that you are configuring WiFi correctly. 


If you prefer to use QardioBase X without WiFi, ensure the Bluetooth of your phone is enabled. Restart your phone and try again if issues persist.


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