Taking a Measurement With QardioBase X

QardioBase X can be set up in various modes. Depending on the mode selected, different reading results will be recorded.


Click here to learn more about QardioBase X’s various modes.


Before taking a measurement, ensure that the scale’s surface and your feet are dry and clean. If you set up WiFi during the scale’s set up, there is no need to have your phone present during the reading.

  1. Step on Qardiobase X to perform your measurement. Make sure to step on the scale with the Qardio logo text facing you.
  2. Step on the scale with bare feet. Do not worry if your feet appear too large for the unit, as accurate measurements can still be obtained if your toes extend outside the platform.
  3. Stand still as best you can. Your weight value will display first. To also record body composition values, stay on the scale until it displays your fat percentage.


If you have shoes on, or if you have “Weight Only Mode” or “Pregnancy Mode” enabled, QardioBase will only display your weight.

For detailed body composition values, please refer to Qardio App measurement history and tap on a measurement to display additional values.


Body composition values are determined by the reading, and the personal details you filled in while setting up the scale (such as your height, and sex). If your body composition values are not reflecting what you would expect, perform the QardioBase X setup once more and make sure your personal details in the setup screens are correct.


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