Setting up QardioBase X for the first time

When using QardioBase X for the first time, you need to activate the device by pressing the activation button (pictured below) on the side of the device.




After activating the device, open the Qardio App and create your Qardio account or log in with your existing account. 


After logging in, tap on the green + and select QardioBase. Now follow the in-App instructions to set up your QardioBase X. 


Note that connecting QardioBase X to your Wi-Fi network will allow your weight data to be transmitted without the need for your phone/tablet. If you would like to connect QardioBase X to your Wi-Fi network, make sure you have your network name and password ready.


QardioBase X can connect to 2.4ghz networks WPA / WPA2 security protocols.


QardioBase X should only be used in “Weight Only Mode” if you have a pacemaker, artificial lung, an ECG or any other internal medical device. If you are pregnant, please activate “Pregnancy Mode” or “Weight Only Mode” in the Qardio App before using QardioBase X.

Click here to learn more about taking measurements with QardioBase X.

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