Taking a measurement with QardioSpO2

After following the set up of your QardioSpO2, you are ready to start using the device.


Step 1: Open the Qardio App. Navigate to the Home screen.


Step 2: Squeeze the clip to open the device. Stick one finger completely into the measurement part of the device. Your fingernail should be facing upwards. Release the clip.


Step 3: Now press the power/function button as shown below:


Step 4: Wait for the measurement results to display on the device. The results should automatically transfer to the Qardio App on your phone/tablet. Check the App to confirm the measurements are transferring successfully.




  • If you fail to completely insert your finger in the device, the measurement result may be inaccurate.
  • Do not move your finger during the measurement. Preferably, ensure your body is not moving while taking the measurement.
  • QardioSpO2 will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of non-use.


If measurements aren’t transferring to the Qardio App successfully, follow the steps to Set up your QardioSpO2.

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