Set up QardioTemp

This support page details how to set up QardioTemp using the Qardio Heart Health Application for iOS or Android.

If you are using the QardioDirect App, instructions can be found here.


Follow these instructions to set up your QardioTemp:


  1. Tap on the Menu icon in the left upper corner.
  2. Tap Dashboard
  3. On the dashboard tap on the + icon
    Note: If you've previously set up a device, you may have to swipe left for the Add devices icon to become visible.

  4. Select QardioTemp from the list. You will be prompted to turn on the Thermometer. You can do this by tapping the On button, which is located below the Thermometer display.
  5. Then press both the On button and the Scan button simultaneously until you see “CLr” appear on the Thermometer display. 
  6. Now place your Thermometer on your phone or tablet. Give both devices a good minute to connect.


If your Thermometer does not connect to your phone or tablet:


  • While on step 6 of the above instructions, try touching the Thermometer to the various corners and back side of your phone/tablet.

  • Try switching your phone’s Bluetooth off and back on, and try following the above steps again.


After setting up your QardioTemp successfully, head to the App’s Home screen. Take a measurement and confirm the reading becomes visible on the App’s Home screen.


Click here to read how to take a measurement with QardioTemp.


Click here to learn how to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

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