Logging in to the QardioDirect App

The QardioDirect App allows Qardio patients to track their vitals for their physician to review via QardioMD. Note not to confuse the QardioDirect App ("QardioMD") with the standard Qardio App for consumers ("Qardio Heart Health").


The QardioDirect App can be downloaded here.


The QardioDirect can only be accessed by those users that have received an invite from their physician to join their QardioMD program.


The QardioDirect App has two separate options to login. An option for patients, and an option for doctors:



Select the "PATIENT" option to log in.


Log in using the credentials you configured upon receiving the invitation from your physician to join their QardioMD program.

If you're unsure about those credentials, contact your physician to see which email they have on file for you in their QardioMD portal.

For any issues or questions logging in to the QardioDirect, contact patient.support@qardio.com or contact us at +1 888 295 6985.

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