Adding manual blood pressure measurements via Apple Watch

With the new Qardio App for Apple Watch, it is super simple to keep track of your blood pressure measurements. The Qardio App for Apple watch allows you to log your blood pressure history, view your progress in useful charts and set reminders to take your blood pressure.

If you own a QardioArm, click here for the QardioArm Apple Watch Setup. If you don’t own a QardioArm yet, follow the instructions below.

To add manual blood pressure measurements, open the Qardio Apple Watch App and tap on “Use without Device”:




If you have already set up your QardioArm with your Apple Watch, adding manual measurements will not be available.

You will be prompted to sign in. If you are already using the Qardio App on your iPhone, ensure to sign in with the same Qardio account. In doing so, the measurement history in your iPhone and Apple Watch will be in sync: 




After signing in, tap the + icon to add a measurement:



Measurements will automatically be time stamped using the time/date at which the measurement was saved.

The heart rate recorded by your Apple Watch will automatically be added to the blood pressure measurement.

Click here to learn more about QardioArm, our smart wireless blood pressure monitor.
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