How to use Alexa Skills with QardioBase 2

The new Qardio Alexa Skill for Amazon Alexa is available on all Amazon devices that support Alexa including the Amazon Echo and Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Fire tablets.


The Qardio Alexa Skill is currently only available in English.


Using Alexa skill with your Qardio app is really easy. To get started, open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone or tablet, navigate to Skills, search for Qardio, and tap on Enable. From there, sign in using your Qardio credentials, and follow the prompts.  Once you’re connected, you can start using Alexa to ask about your blood pressure and weight.

  1. Open the “Amazon Alexa” application or login to the website Select “Skills” in the menu on the left.


  1. Search for Qardio, select Qardio skill and tap ENABLE.



  1. Once redirected to the Qardio website, enter your email and password for your Qardio account, then tap LOGIN. Authorize Amazon Alexa to access your Qardio information by tapping AUTHORIZE. A message will confirm that the account was successfully linked.


If you can't remember your Qardio sign in, head over to the profile section in the Qardio App to confirm your credentials.

You can start using Amazon Alexa right away. To do so, just say “Alexa, ask Qardio my latest blood pressure.” or “Alexa, open Qardio. What’s my latest weight measurement?”


Follow these simple steps. You can also find details on Amazon help site

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