QardioBase 2 Not Providing Body Composition

In Normal Mode, the QardioBase 2 will provide reliable body weight and BMI measurements with optional body composition measurements. Click here for more details on QardioBase 2 special modes. 


Water and fat are calculated using QardioBase’s sensors. To make sure those initial values are calculated correctly, always step on the scale with bare, dry feet. Make sure your legs aren’t touching, don’t wear any socks and ensure the surface of your QardioBase is dry and clean.


Also be sure to have your Profile information entered, as this information is used to calculate the muscle mass and bone mass in your body.


If you are having trouble receiving your body composition on the QardioBase 2, first make sure you are on Normal Mode. To do this, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner in the Qardio App. Then select “Mode setup” and follow the steps in the App. Once on Normal Mode, try taking another reading. (pregnant women and users with an implanted device are recommended to use Pregnancy mode/Weight only mode, which will not yield body composition results).


Please also note that the QardioBase 2 must recognize which user is standing on the device in order to calculate body composition. If you are having trouble selecting your user name or are having your measurements save as “Guest”, please click here.  


Should you still be experiencing difficulties after this, please contact out support team!

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