Weight Measurements Not Appearing in Qardio App

If you are not seeing your weight measurements from your QardioBase appear in the Qadio app, this can usually be categorized in one of the areas below: 


  1. The QardioBase is displaying an error


If you are seeing an error message displayed on QardioBase after a measurement, such as "Save Error" or "WiFi Error", please click here to read how to fix it!


  1. The measurements are saving as “Guest”

If QardioBase does not recognize you, the measurements cannot be saved to your account. If your measurements are assigning to "Guest" on QardioBase, do the following:

After your measurement, QardioBase will display the following:

Your Name



You should already have stepped off of the scale at this point. Now, firmly press in the middle of QardioBase to move the pointer to your name. Then allow just a few seconds for your name to be selected. You will want to put some pressure to move the pointer. QardioBase will get better at recognising you automatically over time.


Please also click here to see a video of this process!


  1. QardioBase is not currently connected with your account


To ensure that the QardioBase is properly connected to the account, we recommend going through the set up processs once more. To do this, go into the Settings section of the app. Then select “Set up your QardioBase” and follow the in-app prompts.


Be sure to connect your QardioBase to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. The device cannot connect to a 5 GHz WiFi network. 


If you are still having any trouble with your measurements, please reach out to our Customer Support team! We would be happy to help.

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