While the QardioCore does not currently provide alerts of possible arrhythmias within the Qardio App, it does give direct insights to the following heart data: ECG trace (QRS interval can be read from the ECG trace by a trained medical professional), Skin temperature, Heart rate, Heart rate variability (HRV, SDNN, RMSSD, LnRMSSD), Respiratory rate, and Activity tracking.


The Qardio App for QardioCore also includes a section called the Heart Health Summary. This summary allows you to better understand whether things are normal or abnormal and presents you with a daily overview that will provide further context around your recorded ECG sessions.


QardioCore, however, is not meant for self-diagnosis and will not directly notify the user of cardiac events.


The QardioCore wireless ECG monitor is intended for use by healthcare professionals, patients with known or suspected heart conditions who may be asymptomatic or who may have chest pain, palpitations, neurologic symptoms, shortness of breath, or to monitor response to treatment of cardiac disorders, and by health conscious individuals. The device is not intended for pediatric use.


QardioCore should only be used in conjunction with professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and not as a substitute or replacement for it. This device should never be used as a basis for starting or modifying treatment without independent confirmation by professional medical examination first.


If you choose to share your QardioCore data with your cardiologist or provider, he or she will be able to access ECG data and diagnostic tools that are available in QardioMD.


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