QardioBase Errors Explained

On occasion QardioBase might display an error code after your reading. Error codes tell you something about your device. For example that it can no longer find your WiFi as you might have moved.


Here are possible error codes and what actions to take to solve them if needed:


WiFi Error

This message might be displayed when QardioBase is out of range of your modem/router or after you’ve updated your network name or password. Start by moving moving QardioBase closer to your router. If the issue persists, tap the menu icon in the left upper corner of the App, hit settings and select ‘WiFi configuration’ to configure the WiFi settings of your scale. If you continue to have difficulties after this, reach out to our Support team for assistance.


Save Error

The Save error means QardioBase is unable to Save the reading to your account. If this error is displayed after your reading, you can resolve this right away by doing the following: Hit the menu icon in the left upper corner of the App, hit ‘Settings’ and select ‘Reset’. After the reset is completed, head back to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Set up your QardioBase’. Repeat the set-up for each user of the scale and you’re once again good to go.


Sensor/Reading/Weight error

If any of these errors display, QardioBase has difficulties getting your correct weight. Usually this will be a one time occurrence. If this error persists, tap on the scale to turn it on and allow it to turn off by itself without taking a reading. Only when the display is off again, step back on to take your reading reading. By doing this you calibrate your scale and the error should no longer appear. If any difficulties persist, hit the menu icon in the left upper corner, hit ‘Settings’ and hit ‘Reset’. After you’ll want to follow the set-up for each user once again by tapping ‘Set up my QardioBase’ from the settings menu in the App.


Your QardioBase will notify you when the battery is running low with a blinking empty battery icon. If there is no response from your QardioBase 2, it may not have enough energy to power the display. To learn more about charging your QardioBase 2, navigate here.

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