Moving houses/wifi networks with QardioBase

Many QardioBase users move houses or bring their QardioBase with them on their holidays to keep up to speed on their progress.


As QardioBase works best when connecting to your local WiFi network, you’ll want to reconfigure the WiFi settings in the Qardio App to ensure all your readings are stored safely at all time, also when your phone is not present.


There is no reason to run through the set-up once again, simply follow the steps below:


  • Make sure you have your new network name and password ready. Note that QardioBase connects only to 2.4ghz networks with WPA/WPA2 security.
  • Open the Qardio App and tap on the Menu icon in the left upper corner. Hit ‘Settings’ and hit ‘WiFi Configuration’.
  • Now follow the steps outlined in the App and you’re good to go!


When travelling with QardioBase or if you move the device to a different room, we recommend performing a zero offset calibration to ensure best accuracy performance. Simply step on the scale and step right off when it turns on. Now wait for the scale to turn back off. It’s that simple, your QardioBase is ready and fully optimized to take your daily readings on the new flooring!

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