Troubleshooting your QardioArm pairing

Your QardioArm is activated to turn and off by a small magnet in the cuff – unwrapping the cuff activates your QardioArm. Always make sure to wrap up the cuff tightly around the device after each use as shown in the animation below, keeping the Velcro on the inside while wrapping.

QardioArm will switch itself off automatically after about 10 minutes of being inactive, regardless of the cuff being unwrapped or wrapped.

Having some difficulties getting your device to turn on and getting a green START button? The steps below should help:

First off, remove and replace the battery cap of your device. There should always be a short flash of light coming from the reset hole in the battery cap to confirm your device has power. If you don’t see that flash after pushing the cap back into place, the batteries of your device may be depleted. Replace them and try again.

If you do see a short flash of light after pushing the cap into place, your device has power and should be ready to pair. Move on with the steps below to set up a fresh Bluetooth pairing.

  1. Unwrap the cuff of your QardioArm (wrap and unwrap if the cuff was already unwrapped).
  2. Reset your QardioArm; Press a pin or paperclip down the reset hole on the side of your device until you see a flash of light.
  3. Open the Bluetooth settings of your phone, look for QardioArm in the list of paired devices and unpair/forget QardioArm: Press the cog or blue ‘i’ next to the QardioArm and hit unpair/forget device.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Open the Qardio App, tap on the grey START button and follow the instructions on screen.
  6. The green START button should appear and you should be ready to take your measurements at will.

Make sure to store the device in its wrapped position to ensure QardioArm will turn on when you unwrap it for your next use.

Any difficulties after following the steps above? Use one of the contact options to the right of this article to get in touch with a specialist.


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