Recalling past readings on QardioTemp 2

All historic readings that were taken with the Qardio App open, are available in the Qardio App. To review readings on the QardioTemp 2 device, instructions are below:


Note: QardioTemp 2 stores the 30 most recent readings.


1. Press and release the SCAN button to turn on the thermometer.

2. Press and hold the MEMORY button for 1 second to enter the memory

mode indicated by a flashing " " symbol. The most recent reading stored

will be displayed.


3. Press and release the MEMORY button to cycle through older readings.

4. Turn the thermometer off with a long press of the SCAN button. Or the thermometer will turn off automatically after the timeout period.



When the memory is full, the oldest result is deleted as the new ones are added. While recalling previous readings, you may measure by pressing the SCAN button.

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