Adding Manual BP Measurements on Qardio App for Android

The Qardio App for Android works with Qardio devices to offer an easy and convenient way to manage health data, but also allows for manual blood pressure measurement entries for those without a QardioArm device.

There are two ways to record measurement data manually: you can either tap on “ADD MANUAL MEASUREMENT” right below the grey START button, or you can tap on the BP icon in the top right corner on your QardioArm history screen.



Both options will bring you to the same “Manual measurement” screen where you can enter your data and also add an optional note to each reading. You can also view your measurement on the World Health Organization color chart below for easy interpretation of your results.

The Qardio App also allows you to import data from 3rd party sources such as Google Fit and S Health. To differentiate between readings of various origins, your manual entry is marked with  icon next to each measurement.

Qardio App is a free premium app that works with Qardio health monitoring devices and keeps all your health data in one convenient place. Learn more about our revolutionary, award winning devices here.

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