Using Qardio devices on Android 6

With the new Android Marshmallow release, permissions required to use your phone’s Bluetooth have been changed by Google. In order for any App to utilize the Bluetooth abilities of your phone, the App requires Location permissions upon installing the App, and the Location to be switched on while using the App. 



Upon installing you will be prompted to enable Location access for the Qardio App. After allowing Qardio App to access your device’s Location, you should be good to go.

While using the App, make sure to always have your Location services turned on. You can check

if your Location services are turned on using the Quick menu. Swipe down with two fingers
from the top of your screen to open the quick menu and check if the location pin is enabled.

The Qardio App is a free companion app that operates Qardio devices and keeps all your health data in one convenient place. Learn more about our revolutionary, award winning devices here.

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