Top app features for QardioCore

QardioCore is a revolutionary wireless electrocardiogram monitor designed to improve detection and management of heart conditions while fitting with ease into your daily life. Be it a cardiac patient or a fitness warrior, QardioCore can offer heart performance tracking never imagined before. 


QardioCore continuously records your EKG/ECG trace, along with your heart rate and heart rate variability, body temperature, activity levels, respiratory rate and stress levels, allowing your doctor or trainer to better evaluate your heart condition and performance.


The Qardio App works seamlessly with QardioCore, offering many features you and your doctor will find invaluable.


To learn more about QardioCore and its availability, click here.


Qardio App is a free companion app that operates Qardio devices and keeps all your health data in one convenient place. Learn more about our revolutionary, award winning devices here.

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