Pairing QardioArm

The first time you use QardioArm, you must pair it with the Qardio App on your mobile device; you can download the Qardio App for free on the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or go to



Pairing QardioArm works like magic. First, open the Qardio App on your mobile device and signup or login. Check your phone or tablet to make sure Bluetooth is turned on.


Open your QardioArm and fit it on your arm; QardioArm will turn on automatically.


Press the grey START button and follow the instructions to pair.




Touch QardioArm with your phone or tablet when prompted to do so.


In several seconds a message will appear on your mobile device requesting a pairing confirmation. Select the “PAIR” option. A green start button will appear on your mobile screen.


That’s it! Your QardioArm device is now securely paired and ready to use.


Please refer to the QardioArm user manual for further details.


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