Setting Reminders

Stay on Track with Reminders

The Qardio App reminds you when it is time for your measurement, taking the effort out of keeping to your measurement schedule.


Reminders can be set for any device type. Follow the steps below to set up reminders:


IMG_5335.PNG Navigate to the Home screen using the Menu icon in the left upper corner.

Rap "Reminders" in the bottom right corner.

Tap the + icon to add your first "Reminder".


If you have set up Reminders before, they will be listed here and you can press the + in the top right corner to add additional Reminders.

IMG_5334.PNG Select the Time, Type and Frequency, and hit Save.


Once you've followed the steps above, you will receive a notification when your specified time arrives.



You can add multiple reminders for any measurement type, so you can be notified to take your readings more than once a day, or at different times depending on the day of the week.

You can delete any existing Reminders, by swiping left on the relevant Reminder from the Reminders screen.

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