Irregular heart beat detection

The Qardio App detects irregularities in pulse and flags them as possible instances of Irregular Heart Beat. When this is detected, a message will be displayed atop your results. In addition, a "quivering heart" icon will be displayed next to that measurement in your history.




There are 2 conditions under which the signal of irregular heart beat will be displayed:

  • The coefficient of variation (CV) of pulse period >25%.
  • The difference between adjacent pulse periods ≥0.14s and the number of such pulses constitutes more than 53 percent of the total number of pulses.


Excess movement detected during the measurement can also trigger this notification. This includes movement in the hands and fingers, or external vibrations such as that from a moving vehicle or a radio.


If you receive the Irregular Heart Beat notification frequently, we suggest reviewing your results with your healthcare provider.


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