Turning QardioArm on & off

QardioArm turns itself on and off automatically as you open and close the cuff on the device (it has a small magnet).

To turn on QardioArm, simply unroll the arm band. This will automatically switch on the QardioArm. To check that your QardioArm is switching on, watch for a small green light on the side of the device to blink as you are unwrapping it. If you have your Qardio app open before unwrapping your cuff, the START button will be grey. Once your paired QardioArm turns itself on, the grey button will turn green, indicating your QardioArm is turned on and ready for use.

Once you have closed your QardioArm, it will then turn itself off on its own after a few minutes. If you do not wrap the cuff back, the device will stay on for approx. 15 to 20 minutes and then it will shut itself off automatically to preserve battery life. You will have to wrap the cuff tightly before being able to use it again.

We strongly recommend you always wrap the cuff back around the device after each use to maximize battery life and protect your device. The first time you use QardioArm, you must pair it with the Qardio App on your mobile device. Learn how to pair your QardioArm here.


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