Exporting your blood pressure data

Qardio devices enable you to monitor your heart health and track your measurements over time with smart charts, trends and stats. With the Qardio App you can easily share your measurements and progress with your doctor, friends and family, or export them to your own computer via email.

To export your history open the Qardio App and click the HISTORY button on the bottom of your screen. Then select the upload icon in the upper right hand corner. 


It will take you to a new screen where you can enter the recipient's name and email address. You can send the information to yourself, a family member, or your doctor. If you'd like, add a note to give greater context to your data. Simply push send, and you will receive a CSV file of your blood pressure and heart rate history, with useful charts and graphs of your trends.


If your friends or doctor would like to view your measurements in real time as you take them, and even be notified when you take a new measurement, you can also invite them to follow your progress in their own Qardio App account.


QardioArm reinvents blood pressure monitoring, making it easier to track your heart health every day and share your progress. Learn more about smart blood pressure monitoring with QardioArm.

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