Sharing your data with Friends & Family

Qardio App's "Friends & Family" feature allows you to stay connected to the heart health of those you love.



With "Friends & Family" you can automatically share your blood pressure and heart rate data with a loved one or a friend to help build a supportive network to drive better health outcomes. You can also choose to accept your friends' and family's invitations to follow their measurements in real time.


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To begin sharing your blood pressure and heart rate data with your friends and family, tap the Q (iOS)/hamburger icon (Android) in the top left corner of the Qardio App.


Once you are at the main menu screen, select the "Friends & Family" option.


Add your friend's email address by pressing the + icon in the top right.


This will send them an invitation to follow your progress from their Qardio account via email. They will need to accept the invitation through the link in the email. Android followers will also have the option to view the weight and body composition data for their friends & family members. 


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Note on Privacy: Qardio has the highest respect for user privacy, so each user can only see his/her own location data from "Places." Inviting friends and family to follow your progress will allow them to view your blood pressure and heart rate information, but will not give them access to your location data.

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