Setting photo slideshow feature





The Qardio App's photo slideshow function relaxes you during your blood pressure measurement. This increases accuracy and turns your blood pressure time into a truly enjoyable moment of your day.


To get started simply open your Qardio App. Select the "Q" in the upper left hand corner to open the menu.


Choose the "Settings" button.


In Settings you can turn the photo slideshow on and off by selecting the tab next to "Show photo slideshow." If the tab is green, this means the slideshow is on. Next you can choose which photos to view by selecting "Photo Collection." From here you can pick which you of your personal photo albums to be displayed while you are taking your measurement.


A note on privacy: When in "Visitor Mode," if you have the slideshow feature on, Qardio App shows a Qardio photo album instead of your own for added privacy.

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