Using "Places" to geolocate your measurements

Everyone’s blood pressure varies during the day: it tends to be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening, and may change depending on activity, or due to anxiety or stress. With a modern, dynamic lifestyles these daily changes can occur more often. The "Places" feature can help you, together with your doctor, to keep track of your blood pressure measurements not only at different times, but also in different locations.


With "Places," the locations of your usual measurements will be automatically recognized by the Qardio App and added to your results, so you can have a better understanding of your blood pressure changes around your life and how your heart health measures up at work, home, or while traveling.



"Places" is available on both the iOS and Android versions of the Qardio App.



The first time you take a QardioArm blood pressure measurement with "Places" enabled, a window will pop up on the screen of your Qardio App, enabling you to give Qardio permission to access you location.


Click on “Allow” to let the Qardio App automatically log your location information along with each measurement.


Note on Privacy: Qardio has the highest respect for user privacy, so each user can only see his/her own location data. Nobody else (other than the user himself/herself) can have access to his/her own location data.

Once you have taken the measurement, your results are displayed within a map on the "Places" screen, showing you current location.


To tag your location, click on the red pen icon.

Selecting the LIST view on the HISTORY screen allows you to see the different location icons that indicate the places where the measurements were taken.


The Qardo App automatically recognizes your location whenever you take a measurement and adds the results to the corresponding place.

Selecting the LOCATION view on the HISTORY screen allows you to see a map with the various locations of your measurements. It will also display averages of your weekly blood pressure results for each place you have taking a measurement in.


To Enable/Disable "Places," go to the “Q” menu at the top left corner of the screen and tap on “Settings”. Option 'Enable Places' switches on/off the location feature.



Learn how to download the Qardio App for your iOS, Android or Amazon device here.


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