How to get most out of your QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor

Starting your blood pressure reading is as simple as a tap on the screen.

If you want to take a blood pressure measurement of a friend or a family member, turn on the Visitor Mode switch; this way the blood pressure measurement will not be saved in your history.

When in Visitor Mode, if you have the slideshow feature on, Qardio App shows a Qardio photo album instead of your own for added privacy.

Remember to turn Visitor Mode off when it's your time to take your blood pressure measurement.


The Qardio App provides easy to understand blood pressure measurements so that you can easily understand your heart health.

  If you swipe to the left on the reading screen you see a chart showing how your blood pressure ranks against the World Health Organisation's guidelines.
The Qardio App stores all your blood pressure data securely in the cloud, making identifying trends easy.
  The pull-up monthly overview tab lets you see the most important headlines about your blood pressure data.
The Qardio App reminds you when it is time for your next blood pressure measurement, taking the effort out of keeping to your measurement schedule.
Automatically share your blood pressure data with a loved one or a friend to help keep you on top of your heart health together. To begin sharing your blood pressure data with friends and family, select the Q menu from the top left in the Qardio App and select the Friends and Family option. Add your friend’s email address by pressing the + icon in the top right to send them an invitation to follow your progress from their Qardio account. They will be able to view all your blood pressure data and activity, but do not see your "Places" data.
Use the activity view in the Qardio App to help you keep on top of your blood pressure measurements

With PLACES you will see how your blood pressure changes around your life, when you are home, at work, and even when you travel!




The Qardio App detects irregularities in pulse and flags them as possible instances of Irregular Heart Beat.

If they occur frequently, then you can take that data to a doctor for further investigation.


The photo slideshow function relaxes you during your blood pressure measurement, increasing accuracy and making it a personal and enjoyable moment of your day.


 QardioArm reinvents blood pressure monitoring, making it easy to track your heart health every day and share your progress. Learn more about smart blood pressure monitoring with QardioArm.

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