Replacing QardioArm Batteries



You should replace your QardioArm batteries if either of the following occur:


  • If the empty battery symbol appears on the Qardio App. This means that your QardioArm batteries are depleted and it’s time to replace them.
  • If when you unwrap the cuff or open and close the battery cap of your QardioArm you do not see a green light flashing through the small hole at the battery hatch.


Replacing the batteries on your device is easy. QardioArm operates using 4 standard alkaline AAA batteries.


To replace the batteries, unravel the cuff from the device.


Under the cuff on the top of the device, you will find a small button. With a simple push of the button the battery hatch will pop off. Remove the cap and replace the batteries ensuring that they are inserted with the correct polarity (see reference below). Simply slide the cover back on to snap it into place and your QardioArm will be ready for use.




Please refer to the QardioArm user manual for further details.


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