Taking a measurement with QardioArm


Make sure you are sitting comfortably and wearing your QardioArm device correctly


Open the Qardio App on your mobile device and you will see the START button turn green. Starting your blood pressure reading is as simple as a tap on the screen.


If you want to take a blood pressure measurement of a friend or family member, turn on the "Visitor Mode" switch; this way the blood pressure measurement will not be saved in your history.


When in "Visitor Mode," if you have the photo slideshow feature on, Qardio App shows a Qardio photo album instead of your own for added privacy. Remember to turn "Visitor Mode" off when it's time to take your blood pressure measurement.


Simply tap on the green START button on the app to initiate the measurement. Within a few seconds, the QardioArm will begin inflating; the cuff will inflate until it reaches the correct pressure and then deflate gradually.


The Qardio App will display your results instantly and automatically store your readings for future reference.


In the Qardio App settings you can choose to view images from one of your photo albums during the measurement. The photos can help you relax and turn the blood pressure measurement into a personal, pleasurable moment of your day. Learn how to enable the photo slideshow feature here.


You can add notes to your measurements and view the results in a color-coded chart.


In the settings, you can also select a function for the averaging of multiple measurements.


Please refer to the QardioArm user manual for further details.


QardioArm reinvents blood pressure monitoring, making it easy to track your heart health every day and share your progress. Learn more about smart blood pressure monitoring with QardioArm.

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