Resetting QardioArm



It is rare you will have to reset QardioArm. Resetting QardioArm will remove all Bluetooth connections previously established.


To reset your QardioArm you will first need to unravel the cuff from the device. Next, simply insert the tip of a small paper clip or pin into the hole at the battery hatch. Hold for up to 5 seconds. A green light will flash indicating that the device has been reset. You can now rewrap your cuff.


After you have reset your QardioArm, it is important that you also delete the pairing on your phone or tablet. To do so, you need to go into the settings of your mobile device, locate the Bluetooth settings, and remove the QardioArm pairing (iOS users will select 'Forget this Device'). Now a fresh pairing relationship can be established and you can follow the pairing instructions here.


Please refer to the QardioArm user manual for further details.


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