Managing your Qardio+ subscription (Q&A)


How do I connect my Qardio+ subscription with my Qardio+ account?


Your Qardio+ subscription will be connected to the email address that you used to place your order for the subscription. 


If you already had a Qardio account, and used the same email address to place your Qardio+ subscription, you can simply head over to the Qardio App and should see all Qardio+ features enabled. 


If you do not yet have a Qardio account, create one using the email address you used with your purchase. Your subscription is automatically added to your account.


If you made the purchase for your Qardio+ subscription with a different email address than your existing Qardio account, please contact and we will connect the two.


I already own a QardioArm, can I purchase a Qardio+ subscription?

Absolutely! To get even more out of your QardioArm/QardioArm 2, you can head over to to purchase your Qardio+ subscription. 


Can I purchase a QardioArm 2 without a Qardio+ subscription?

Yes! QardioArm 2 can be purchased with or withour a Qardio+ subscription. 


Is Qardio + available on both iOS and Android?

No, at this time Qardio+ is only available on iOS. We are working hard to make Qardio+ available on Android as soon as possible.


How do I cancel my Qardio+ subscription?

Upon purchasing your Qardio+ subscription from our website at, you will receive an email to manage your subscription (Subject: Thanks for Subscribing to Qardio+).


Open the email and click “Manage subscription”. 


Here you will an option to cancel your subscription.


Where can I purchase a Qardio + subscription?


You can purchase a Qardio+ subscription on our webstore at You can purchase a standalone subscription if you already own a QardioArm/QardioArm 2. If you don’t own a QardioArm yet, you can purchase a subscription along with your QardioArm 2 purchase.


Once completing the purchase, you will receive an email to connect the subscription to your Qardio account. When placing your purchase, make sure to use the same email address you are using for your Qardio account.

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