Troubleshooting QardioArm 2 Measurement Errors

When you occasionally receive an error message instead of a blood pressure reading, there is nothing to worry about. If QardioArm 2 isn’t sure the reading was reliable, it will display a measurement error instead of a measurement result. An error might be generic or include a reference number.

If you are repeatedly getting measurement errors instead of reading results, confirm you have done all of the below to quickly solve the issue:

  • Confirm QardioArm 2 is fully charged.
  • Cuff size: confirm your arm size falls within the cuff size you are using (Standard cuff: 8.7 in – 14.6 in (22 - 37cm); Large cuff: 14.6 in – 18.5 in (37 - 47cm))
  • Confirm you are taking your measurements considering the checklist for correct measurements below.


Checklist for measuring your blood pressure correctly

  • Avoid eating, smoking, or any activity immediately before taking the measurement.
  • Sit down and relax for a few minutes before taking the measurement.
  • Always measure the same arm (usually left, or as instructed by your doctor).
  • Ideally, remove close-fitting garments from upper arm. If you roll up your sleeve, ensure that it does not cause constriction of blood flow in your upper arm. Do not place the cuff over thick clothing.
  • You should fit the cuff closely, but not too tight – you should be able to insert a finger between your arm and the cuff.
  • Make sure that the cuff is positioned about 1 inch or 2 cm above the elbow, and your QardioArm is positioned on the inner side of the arm, over the artery.
  • The Qardio logo should be on the bottom, towards your hand.
  • Support your arm so it is relaxed and ensure QardioArm is at the same level as your heart. Your arm should remain slightly bent while taking the measurement.
  • Make sure you are not moving, and refrain from talking while the measurement is in progress.


If any issues persist after this, a specialist would be happy to help out. Use the contact options on the right of this page to reach out!


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