Set up the Qardio Apple Watch App

With the new Qardio App for Apple Watch, it is no longer required to have your phone present to take your blood pressure measurements. The Qardio Apple Watch App directly connects to your QardioArm.

In case you don’t have a QardioArm, you can add manual measurements through the Apple Watch App anytime, anywhere.

Qardio App for Apple Watch works with WatchOS version 3 and higher.


To get started, the Qardio App needs to be installed on your Apple Watch. There are two ways of doing this:

From the Watch:
- Press the digital crown button on your Apple Watch.
- Tap App Store
- Use Scribble or Dictation to search for Qardio
- Tap on Qardio and tap on Get

From your iPhone:
- Ensure the Qardio App is already installed on your iPhone
- Open the Watch App and tap the My Watch tab
- Search for Qardio in the Available Apps list
- Tap Install to install the App on your Apple Watch


Now that the App is installed, open the Qardio App on your Apple Watch to start set-up.

When you first launch the App, you have the option to Setup QardioArm, or in case you don’t have a QardioArm, log your blood pressure by manually adding measurements via the “Use Without Device” option:




If you own a QardioArm, tap on Setup QardioArm and follow the provided instructions.

NOTE: QardioArm should not be connected to another phone or tablet while setting up the connection with your Apple Watch.


Once successfully connected, the Qardio App will display a green START button and you can start measuring:




NOTE: After your first measurement, you will be prompted to sign in. If you are already using the Qardio App on your iPhone, ensure to sign in with the same Qardio account you are using on your iPhone. In doing so, the measurement history in your iPhone and Apple Watch will be in sync.


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