Opening, Wearing, and Closing QardioArm 2




Using your QardioArm is simple.


Unroll the armband. This will automatically switch on the QardioArm. Gently pull the tab, open the armband and slide your arm through.


Position the QardioArm device on the inside of your upper left arm, about one inch (or 2 cm) above the joint of your elbow. The Qardio logo should be facing down towards the hand.


Fit the QardioArm snuggly in place, not too tight. Rest your arm on a flat surface, for example on a table, with your palm facing up and it is that easy. You are now ready to use your QardioArm.


To remove your QardioArm, unfasten the velcro to loosen the armband.


Slide your arm out of the cuff and wrap the cuff back around the device. The QardioArm will then turn off automatically when you close it.

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