How to connect QardioBase with MyFitnessPal

QardioBase and MyFitnessPal work together to help you achieve your weight goals faster than ever before by allowing you to track how your diet affects your weight and body composition changes. Integrate your QardioBase data into your MyFitnessPal and get a more powerful tool to reach your weight goals.


You can connect your Qardio account to MyFitnessPal either through the MyFitnessPal app or directly from the Qardio integration page. To connect from your app, open MyFitnessPal and select “More” at the bottom right hand corner to navigate to the full MyFitnessPal app menu. From here, select “Apps & Devices.”




Click on Qardio to go to the QardioBase device page in MyFitnessPal.

Click “Connect” and you will be taken to the Qardio integration page. Click here to visit our authentication page directly.


Log in to your Qardio account with the email address and password associated with your Qardio App. From here you will be able to review and edit the apps that you are currently syncing your Qardio data with.




To begin sharing your QardioBase weight data with your MyFitnessPal simply click the  MyFitnessPal toggle. You will be taken to MyFitnessPal’s authentication page. Log into your MyFitnessPal account.




Once you have logged into your MyFitnessPal account, you will be prompted to give the Qardio App permission to send weight measurements to MyFitnessPal. Click “Authorize” to proceed.



And that’s it! All of your future QardioBase weight measurements will be sent to your MyFitnessPal app automatically, allowing you to get immediate insights, take control and reach your goals.




QardioBase is the wireless smart scale and body analyzer that combines intelligent features, ease of use, and sleek design to make weight and health management an integral part of your everyday life. Learn more about QardioBase smart scale here.

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