Taking a Measurement With QardioBase 2

You can make reliable body weight and BMI measurements with optional body composition measurements with the following steps:

  1. Step on QardioBase to activate it.
  2. If required, enable “Weight Only Mode” or “Pregnancy Mode.” Selecting either of these modes with disable body composition analysis and only perform weight and BMI measurements.
  3. Stand still on the platform of the scale with bare feet. Do not worry if your feet appear too large for the unit, as accurate measurements can still be obtained if your toes extend outside the platform.
  4. After a few seconds the measurement results will display on the scale. By default, weight will display first, followed by % body fat. If you have shoes or socks on, or if you have “Weight Only Mode” or “Pregnancy Mode” enabled, QardioBase will only display your weight. The Qardio App will show detailed body composition data, including weight, percentage body fat, muscle mass, water, bone mass and BMI. Connecting QardioBase to your Wi-Fi network allows your weight data to be transmitted without the need for your phone or tablet.


If you have set your weight target and have “Smart Feedback Mode” enabled, QardioBase will display facial expressions indicating the progression of your weight towards your target. See “QardioBase special modes” for more details.  


To learn how to set up QardioBase for the first time click here.


Body composition measurement and BMI require that your QardioBase has been set up with accurate information in your user profile in the Qardio App (height, age, biological sex). You do not need to complete this information in your profile to just measure weight only.


Only step on QardioBase with dry feet and when the surface of the scale is not wet.


QardioBase is the wireless smart scale and body analyzer that combines intelligent features, ease of use, and sleek design to make weight and health management an integral part of your everyday life. Learn more about QardioBase smart scale here.

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