Charging QardioBase 2

Your QardioBase will notify you when the battery is running low with a blinking empty battery icon, at which point we recommend you charge your scale. To do so, connect your QardioBase to a power source using the USB to micro USB cable provided with the scale. It is important to plug it into a source that will provide sufficient power to the unit. Your QardioBase will display a battery icon (flashing between full and empty) to indicate it is charging.


When your QardioBase is fully charged your scale will display a fully charged battery icon. Charging the battery completely can take up to five hours.


If there is no response from your QardioBase 2, it may not have enough energy to power the display. Start by opening the rubber flap on the right hand side of your scale (where you would plug it in) and move the switch to the OFF position allowing it to sit idle for 10 seconds. Then try turning it back to the ON position (the ON side is highlighted in green). Once this is done, plug the scale in and allow it to charge fully.


With daily use, the battery in your QardioBase will last a year.


Do not use your QardioBase while it is charging.

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