Measurement range & accuracy

QardioBase has a measurement range of 9 – 396 Lbs (5-180 Kg).


QardioBase measures your weight to an accuracy of 0.2 Lbs (100g) with 4 sensors. Our proprietary fine tuning processes ensure the highest accuracy of measurements.


To get the most out of your QardioBase, try these tips to improve accuracy:

  • Thanks to its design, QardioBase works well on most surfaces. However, some people tend to move more when the scale is positioned on certain soft surfaces and movement can effect accuracy. If you encounter problems while measuring on a soft surface, you should move the scale to hard surface and repeat the measurement.

  • Ensure that you are completely dry. 

  • Step onto the scale with your feet parallel and weight equally distributed. 
  • Try to measure your weight each day on the same scale at the same time to see consistent trends. Avoid measuring after intake of alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants, after intense sport activity, after heavy meals, or if you are dehydrated. Your weight and body composition will naturally vary over the course of the day. More accurate measurements will be taken if you measure yourself undressed, before eating, drinking, showering, and after using the toilet.

  •  Ensure accurate data are included in your profile (height, age, biological sex) in the Qardio App.

  • Your QardioBase will occasionally perform a calibration. This will happen more often if the scale is picked up or moved between measurements. In case of calibration, step on, or tap QardioBase with your foot to wake it up. Once the scale turns on, step off. Wait until you see a smile displayed, and then step back on the scale again to perform your measurement.


QardioBase is the wireless smart scale and body analyzer that combines intelligent features, ease of use, and sleek design to make weight and health management an integral part of your everyday life. Learn more about QardioBase smart scale here.



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