Activity Tracking on Qardio App for Android

The Qardio App for Android lets you access your activity data, including comprehensive step and activity tracking. Activity Tracking on Qardio App gives even more context to your health and lifestyle and keeps you motivated as you work toward your goals.





You can view all your step and activity data in the “Activity Tracker” section of the Qardio App.


Within "Activity Tracker" you can see your daily activity in terms of active minutes and steps taken.

You can also view a timeline of your activity throughout the day.


You can view your past activity data by selecting “HISTORY” whilst you are in the Activity Tracking section of the Qardio App.


Here you can view your activity history over the course of time. Select any day from the calendar view to see the in-depth daily activity data including activity timeline for that day.



Qardio App is a free companion app that operates Qardio devices and keeps all your health data in one convenient place. Learn more about our revolutionary, award winning devices here.

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