Cleaning & Washing QardioCore

Remember that you wear your QardioCore in contact with your skin, just like a clothing item.


Because of this, you should always keep your QardioCore clean. We recommend cleaning QardioCore after each use, especially if worn during exercise. Even if the surface of QardioCore appears clean, sweat, soap, sunscreen, and lotions on the surface or in crevasses can cause skin irritation.


The bacteria and odor resistant QardioCore straps protect against odor generated by the formation of bacteria from sweat, which ensures good comfort and hygiene. In order to ensure maximum bacteria and odor resistance, keep your QardioCore and the straps clean.


We suggest the following steps when cleaning your QardioCore:

  1. Take off your QardioCore and keep the charging cable unplugged.
  2. Clean the QardioCore with a soft toothbrush or nonabrasive, lint-free cloth using fresh water and a mild detergent.
  3. Dry QardioCore with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth.
  4. To clean the QardioCore strap, wash by hand or in washing machine with mild detergent and cold water. Let the strap air dry.


In hospital or clinical settings where multiple patients will be sharing one device, clean QardioCore in between uses with a nonabrasive disinfectant towelette such as CaviWipes or Oxivir wipes.


QardioCore straps are removable so can be removed and either machine washed or discarded and replaced between patients.


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