Adjusting QardioCore positioning for your body type

In order to obtain an accurate measurement, it is essential that all four of QardioCore's electrodes remain in contact with your skin at all times. We have designed QardioCore to suit a multitude of body shapes and chest types, allowing for you to make slight modifications to how QardioCore is worn to maximize the recording quality and comfort on an individual level.


If your ECG data is erratic or you find QardioCore's fit to be uncomfortable, you can try these tips:

  • Clean and dry your chest before putting on the device.
  • Wear the device below your sternum bone. The device should be snug but comfortable.
  • You can try wearing QardioCore lower on your chest.


If you have a more concave chest, or are consistently finding it difficult for the top electrode to remain in contact with the skin, we recommend that you wear QardioCore upside down. Simply unclip the strap from the left side of your QardioCore and flip QardioCore around so the Qardio logo is on the right side. Re-position QardioCore and re-attach the strap.


Then, while in the QardioCore section of the Qardio App, open "Settings." Click the button to turn on "Upside down wearing mode" before checking your ECG timeline for an improvement in recording quality.

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