Does QardioCore work with Apple Health?

The Qardio App for iOS supports Apple Health. 


Apple Health and the Qardio App work together, enabling you to share your heart rate, blood pressure, weight and other health data. With Qardio App’s support for Apple Health you can have all the convenience and accuracy of the QardioCore to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate, with all your health and wellness data in one place.


The Apple Health integration currently receives the following QardioCore data:

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Body Temperature
  • Steps

The other heart health vitals that QardioCore measures are not currently supported by Apple Health, but will be sent to Health in the event they are added.


An important note about sharing data with Apple Health: In order to protect the privacy of your health and wellness data, we have left this new feature turned off by default.

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