Wearing QardioCore during exercise

During exercise the body requires more oxygen. As the level of physical activity increases, the heart has to work harder to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the exercising muscles, so the heart beats faster. By monitoring the electrical signals of the heart as it beats faster, it is often possible to see coronary problems that cannot be seen when the body is at rest.


As the intensity of the exercise increases, your heart rate will increase. You should stop your physical exercise if you experience dizziness, fatigue, chest pain, or other symptoms.


Normally you should maintain your heart rate below your target level (85% of a predicted maximum heart rate, based on your age, and your any known medical conditions). You should consult your doctor about your target heart rate level.


Target heart rate

While using QardioCore, the Qardio App displays the current heart rate and the target heart rate during recording, in the overview area. The target heart rate can be adjusted at any time in the settings of your Qardio App. You can either set the target heart rate directly, or set it as a percentage of the predicted maximum heart rate. By default, the target heart rate value is set as 85% of the predicted maximum HR. The predicted maximum heart rate is calculated with the following formula: Predicted Maximum Heart Rate = (220 – your age in years)

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