How do I charge QardioCore?

QardioCore operates using a lithium-ion polymer battery and provides 24 hours of continuous recording when fully charged. The charging cable for QardioCore is included in the QardioCore package with the purchase. 


When you go to use your QardioCore for the first time, first charge QardioCore by connecting the charging cable to your QardioCore device and connecting the cable to a USB power source. QardioCore will not work until the battery has enough power.


When you charge QardioCore, a small LED on the device will blink indicating the charge status:

  • Blinking green light every two seconds indicates QardioCore is charging.
  • Solid green light to indicate QardioCore is fully charged.
  • The green light will blink 3 times to indicate your QardioCore battery is running low and should be charged.


Qardio recommends charging your QardioCore daily.



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