Do I need to manually sync my QardioCore data?

Once you complete the initial set up and pair your QardioCore with your iOS mobile device, your measurements will be saved wirelessly and automatically if the following two conditions are met:

  1. Your QardioCore is within range of and connected to your iOS mobile device via Bluetooth and;
  2. Your iOS mobile device is connected to the internet, either via WiFi or using data.


QardioCore's memory for data storage is practically unlimited, when connected to a smartphone or tablet. Up to 10 hours of data can be stored directly on QardioCore when not connected to a smartphone or tablet, depending on usage conditions.


ECG activity that is recorded in Offline Mode (while not directly connected to your phone’s Bluetooth) will not appear in your app history until you have synced the data. The QardioCore cannot record live ECG activity and sync previously recorded data at the same time.


Offline measurements will only appear in the Qardio App after you take the QardioCore off and allow it to sync. Please follow the steps below to ensure your data syncs properly:

  1. Disconnect the QardioCore strap and remove the device
  2. Keep the Qardio App open on your phone
  3. Plug the QardioCore in to its USB charger
  4. Make sure to keep the Qardio App open and in Bluetooth range of the QardioCore while data is syncing (OK to have app running in background of phone)


Depending on the amount of data to sync, the process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Your Qardio App will display a message while data is uploading and another message once the data upload is complete.


If you lose Bluetooth connection with the QardioCore during syncing or the syncing process stops for any reason, simply keep the Qardio App open and turn your phone's Bluetooth off and back on. Data syncing will resume from where it left off.


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